When to Consult a Psychologist?

Mental health is one of the most discussed topics nowadays. People are becoming more aware of the importance of mental health along with physical health. Our daily struggles and draining lifestyle have made it a lot more difficult for us to relax and enjoy the present. We keep planning about the future while obsessing over past mistakes. This leads to increased stress in our lives. People use different coping strategies to lessen their stress such as exercising, meditation, hobby, and taking a time-out. Now the question arises that how do we know when to seek professional help? I am trying to answer that question for you by listing some of the instances where consulting a psychologist is essential.

A psychologist and client

1. Loss:

The loss of a loved one is a huge blow and its extremely difficult to overcome it as the pain is overwhelming and seems like eating us from insides.

But it is not restricted to losing a loved one. It can be the loss of childhood when the circumstances made you grow up too fast. It can be a loss of innocence when you were physically, sexually, or mentally abused in childhood. No matter how old the wounds are, there is no time limit or deadline for healing. If something is bothering you to such an extent that you are feeling worthless. Seek help.

2. Stress and Anxiety:

Stress is a part of our lives. Stressing over new changes in life such as a new job or new relationships is a completely normal reaction. But when we couldn’t shake it off and these thoughts make us feel overwhelmed then that is the sign to consult a psychologist.

3. Depression:

Feel like drowning into the darkness with no rescue or light in sight? Then its time to seek help. The majority of the people believe that depressed people can just improve their mood by being told to “Get over it” or “Snap out of it” which is an extremely wrong notion. Depression is a mental health disorder where a person feels sad and down, fatigued, and doesn’t have the energy to even perform the most basic tasks. Psychologists will help you in reaching the root cause of the depression and slowly overcoming it without telling you to “Snap out of it”.

4. Phobias:

Phobias and fears are what make us human beings. But if our phobias affect us to such extent that we are unable to perform basic tasks then it’s the major red flag. A psychologist will help you to face and somewhat manage your fears so that it no longer interferes in your life.

5. Family and Relationship Issues:

The relationships are the fundamental part of their lives and sometimes they drive us crazy. It’s normal to have ups and downs but sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to communicate with them or even to tolerate them. A psychologist helps you figure out the main issue and how to repair those relationships.

6. Unhealthy habits:

Are you the one struggling to get enough sleep or keep waking up with nightmares? Having difficulty to stop your mind from overthinking and imagining worst-case scenarios? Then its time to seek help. A psychologist will help you in breaking those patterns and identifying its causes.

7. Addiction:

If you are trying to stop taking drugs, smoking, and alcohol but failing constantly then its time to get some professional intervention. A psychologist will assist you to overcome addiction.

8. Clarity of Thoughts:

Is your mind a big mess of jumbled thoughts and you are having trouble in separating or controlling them? Then its a sign to seek help. Communicating and simply sharing about problems will work as a miracle for you. A counselor is the trained listener who will help you in figuring out the thoughts overpowering your mind. This will make your mind better-focused and clear.

9. Mental Disorders:

If you are suffering from any sort of mental disorder then don’t hesitate from asking help. A professional psychologist will help you in making progress and overcome these disorders. Mental disorders may include schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic disorder, etc.

10. You feel like it:

This may sound weird but even if everything is going fine in your life yet you can’t shake the feeling away of something being wrong then that’s the time to visit a psychologist. A psychologist will help you figure it all out or at least will put your fears to rest.

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