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Modern-day problems require modern solutions. The pandemic has not been very kind to our pockets and there is a constant struggle to maintain our living standards. In such times, every single penny matters. is the perfect solution to save money while buying your favorites. If you are a shop-a-holic then you can get some cool coupons available on the site which will be providing amazing discounts on purchasing from multiple stores.

What is is developed and distributed by the United Kingdom company, Gati Automata Ltd, and its subsidiaries. It is a website where multiple users provide discount coupons for others to be used. It features 40,000+ stores. Some top-listed stores for which coupons available are:

  1. Amazon
  2. Asos
  3. eBay
  4. Costco Wholesale
  5. GoDaddy
  6. Apple
  7. WesternUnion
  8. Bed and Breakfast
  9. Timeout
  10. 100% Pure

But the list is not limited to them. There are many other store coupons available for you to use. According to the, if you couldn’t find a coupon for the store then chances are that they do not exist at all. That’s a pretty heavy statement but is also the truest one.

How To Use It?

  • Visit the link: (It is a referral link and you will get $1 by registering through this link.)
  • Upon clicking the link, the homepage of the website will open. Click on Add to Chrome button as shown below to get the extension. Note: If you are using any other browser then switch to Google Chrome in order to download the extension.
Download extension by clicking Add to Chrome
  • You will be directed to Google Chrome Extension Store. The following screen will appear. Click Add to Chrome to download the extension for your browser.
Extension store
  • Upon installation, you will be redirected to the and will see the following page. You could watch a demo by clicking on the store but it is advisable to get registered first as the demo will be provided after registration and you will also be provided with an opportunity to earn 25 points by watching the demo.
Click Register Now
  • A Registration window will appear asking you some information for creating the account. Provide your details i.e. Name, Email Address, and Password to sign up. Click Get Started after filling the required fields.
Get Started

Congratulations! You have completed your registration.

What’s Next?

If you are done with installing the extension and registration then all you need is to visit the website of your favorite store. Once you have added your required items to the cart, extension will automatically search for the coupons of your store and provide the discounts. Proceed to check out. Yay! You just saved some money.

Earn Money:

Apart from the discount coupons, you can also earn some money of your own by submitting coupons. If someone uses a coupon provided by you then you will receive 25 points along with some earning. The points will help you to promote to the next level and earn more.

You could also refer a friend and earn $1 per referral along with 20 points. Additionally, the referred person will also get $1 upon registering through the referral link. Keep referring and keep earning. The more you refer, the more you will earn.

Another key feature is that you could add a new store if it is not listed on the website. All you need is to submit the URL of the store. The website management will check whether it should be added or not. Upon approval, you will get 10 points. These points will help you to reach the next level.


By doing multiple actions on the website, you could keep earning points. These points will increase your level. A greater level means increased bonuses and benefits.

Payment Methods:

Got some cash in your wallet? provides multiple methods for cash withdrawal.

Paypal: It is the most convenient method to withdraw cash but there are multiple countries that do not facilitate the PayPal services.

E-check: For people unable to access Paypal, provides the option of withdrawing money via e-check. All you need is to provide your name and email address.

Paytm: This payment method is not operational yet but will soon be introduced for the users. With Paytm, users will be able to transfer cash directly to their bank accounts.

The only downside is that you can withdraw money via any method only when you earn a minimum of $20. But on the brighter side, earning $20 is not too difficult on It will require some patience on your part but rest assured that the reward will be worth the wait.

Why Choose

You have read all about it but still unable to decide? If this question is still nagging your mind that why should you choose then some key benefits are listed which will help you decide:

  • No registration fee is required. In fact, you will get $1 by registering through the referral link given above in the post. And you will get only $0.25 if you register through the
  • Buy things on discounted prices while shopping from a large number of stores worldwide.
  • You can save up to 15% monthly while shopping.
  • If your favorite store is not listed, then you can add it yourself and earn additional points when approved by the team.
  • You can earn money by referring it to others. Both you and your friend will get $1 each per referral. So it’s a perfect opportunity for you and your friends to earn some quick cash.
  • You can also earn money by submitting coupons from various stores. You will earn money each time someone uses your submitted coupon.
  • Convenient methods for withdrawing payment.
  • Responsive customer support service. If you got an issue then the customer support system team will readily try to resolve it.
  • No scam. Unlike some other websites, it is totally legit and authentic.

Do check out the Coupon Culture Report to understand the benefits of using coupons while shopping.

So what are you waiting for? Register Now to get your favorites at the most economic rates.

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