An introduction is the first step to build inter-personal relationships. And is also the most important component of interaction either in the virtual or real world. Without further ado, let’s start by allowing me to introduce myself. I am a qualified healthcare professional with a passion for writing. I love to string words together and would like to help people with them if possible.

As the saying goes “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. Lockdown around the world has forced me to rethink and take stock of my life. It made me realize that life is uncertain and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Consequently, it led me to follow my passions and eventually to this blog.

The pandemic has brought testing times for people all over the world. With the increasing despair, hence it’s a lot easier to lose the plot and fall into darkness. The world around us is in chaos and we are feeling lost. COVID-19 has shown us both the worst and the best in people. In such trying times, we need to reach out and help others in whatever way we can.

This blog is an attempt to connect people from various backgrounds who can find something useful from shared experiences. This blog is related to psychology, mental health, self-development, and growth. But I will discuss other topics as well.

You will find blog posts about my other passions as well including various book recommendations about both fiction and non-fiction works from time to time.

Lastly, the experiences shared in this blog are solely my own and you have the full right to disagree with my views.

Hope that the introduction was decent enough. Striving for perfection is useless as perfection doesn’t exist in the world or maybe no one has found it yet. Do let me know if you find it 😉

Anyways enough with the ramblings.

Let’s start Now!